Long Eaton Singles Darts League

                                  History of  The LESDL 

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Summer 2011

At the start of 2011, two local dart players, Malc Marks and Richard Turgoose decided that the local leagues were not enough for their game. They were only playing best of 3 legs singles and a possibillity of a pairs game. All double starts. They thought that a longer format was needed in the same vein as the pros so that they could pit their skills and have a benchmark to work to.                                                                                                                                                                      

A meeting was held and a few players invited to draw up a plan and a league was formed. We had enough players to field 2 divisions of 8 players. The Harrington Arms were very kind to offer their premises to be our venue and installed 2 match boards, lighting and oches. Thus the Long Eaton Singles Darts League was born and underway with an April start for the fixtures.

Winter 2011/12

The Summer League was a great success and when completed a Winter League was organised. With some players not available during the winter, it was decided to keep the Summer and Winter Leagues separate so that  players were not jeopardising their league positions. This was also a success in so, that at the end of the Winter of 2011/12 we registered a full complement of 30 players and now 3 divisions for the Summer League 2012. 

Summer 2012

As the Summer 0f 2012 was drawing to a close it became clear that with more players wanting to join us for the Winter 2012/13 a major change was needed. After much negotiations within the committee it was reluctantly decided that The Harrington was not big enough to accommodate us so a new venue was to be sought. The new venue was found and we installed a bank of 4 match boards,1 practice board, oches, lights and scoreboards, so as from October 3rd 2012 The Sportsman at Long Eaton has now become our new venue. We would like to express our thanks and best wishes for the future to Michelle, Dean and their staff for making us welcome and their support as without them the LESDL could not have been started.

Winter 2012/13

The Winter 2012/13 season got underway on October 17th with a 4th division added. This now gives the LESDL a league of 4 divisions and a total of 40 players. The new venue has become a great hit with the players and it's showing in the performances thus far. A few tweaks here and there is making the league even better and not forgetting the hot food supplied by Amanda and Wayne. Unfortunately we lost 5 players during the season through various reasons so at the end of the season a slight re-jig in the divisions were made so there were a couple of unexpected promotions for the Summer Season. Much to their delight. It remains to be seen if it was deserved.

The presentation got underway straight after the Semi-Finals and Final of the League cup and what a night of darts it was with 180s going in and 14/15 dart legs for fun. The final scoring was transmitted to the big screen for all to see. All in all a great night to end a great Winter season.

Summer 2013

The Summer Season got underway on May 8th staying with 4 divisions and 40 players. A great turn out with 10 new players trying for honours. Only 2 players dropping out along the way and didn't hinder the play at all. Another successful season with some great darts thrown.  A 5th board has now been erected on the stage for competitions and also to ease any backlog. We also hope to stage exhibitions in the future.

Unfortunately we lost 2 members of the committee so i would like to thank Mark Limb and Richard Turgoose for their invaluable help they contributed. Richard is taking a season off so i look forward to seeing him more refreshed in the summer. So a warm welcome back to Mark Cowley and  new committee member Mike Burton.

Winter 2013/14

Prior to the start of the season a new computer program was written to generate the fixtures and also the league tables.  This seems to be a great hit and works very well. One of the problems when moving from Windows to Mac. No descent dart programs available for mac. 

November 6th saw the start of the Winter 13/14 get underway with a full complement of 40 players. Unfortunately we lost 4 players  after 6 weeks through illness and non commitment but hopefully with the healthy state of the leagues finances the prize monies will not alter.

An AGM was held on presentation night where the committee was elected and a few minor alterations to the format with added competitions. Also a presentation of a lovely bouquet of flowers was made to Elaine (Money Bags) for all her hard work in collecting the subs and  organising the raffle.

A 29 strong registration was taken and 3 divisions was formed for the Summer 2014

Summer 2014

This season started with a change on the committee as Pete LEP Borrett stepped down and Paul Iliffe and Ady Johnson has taken the hot seats of Competition Co-Ordinators. Elaine (Moneybags) Marks has landed the position of joint treasurer with husband Malc.

Adding to the league is a divisional cup to be battled for. Also as a trial run and for bragging rights the averages are being taken for Division 1.

Winter 2014/15

With the departure of Mark Cowley and Paul Iliffe taking a rest for a season and work commitments from Ady Johnson, Their committee duties have been restructured. Thus the committee now consists of Malc Marks (Chairman) Dean Andrews (Vice Chairman and Fixtures Sec) Elaine Marks (Treasurer) Malc Tucker (Competition Sec) and Mike Burton (Troubleshooter).

The Winter League will consist of 3 Divisions of 8 players made up from the positions of the previous Winter League and commencing on 10th December. The Divisional Cup and Champion of Champions was a success last season so it was decided to keep it in the calendar but the trial run on the averages, which was good fun was to be dropped.

Summer 2015

The Committee was elected as follows, Malc marks (Chairman) Dean Andrews (Vice Chairman and Fixtures Sec) Elaine Marks (Treasurer) Malc Tucker (Competition Sec) Brian Spence, Stuart Barrowcliffe and Andy Thirkettle.

It was decided that 2 Divisions of 12 players will be formed with the usual inclusion of the League Cup and Divisional Cup with only 1 knockout night as to ensure the season did not run into 2016. This season will commence on 24th June 

Some slight rule changes were made as stated in the Information tab at the top of the page.

Powerleague 2016

At the AGM at the end of the Summer 2015 season it was time for a radical change to push the league forward.

The committee was elected as follows, Malc Marks (Chairman) Dean Andrews (Vice Chairman and Fixtures Sec) Elaine Marks (Treasurer) Brian Spence, Stuart Barrowcliffe,Andy Thirkettle, Kez Barfield and Steve Butler.

The new Powerleague will be of one division of a maximum of 24 players with each player playing all the other players on a home and away basis of 8 legs per match plus a league cup and mini competitions. 

A special thanks was paid to the management of The Sportsman for their generous contribution to the league.

The new rules are inserted in with the existing rules and can be found in the League Rules page.

The 2016 season will commence on 6th January 2016

                                                                                                 Powerleague 2017

At the AGM the Committee was cast as Malc Marks (Chairman), Dean Andrews (Vice Chairman and Fixtures Sec), Elaine Marks (Treasurer), Brian Spence, Ady Johnson, Steve Hough, Steve Butler and Keith Carlin.

The Powerleague 2016 was a runnaway success albeit 5 people dropping out for various reasons. However a great season with a total prize payout of £4105 played for.

This season a new event will take place which will be The LESDL Decathlon.

A special thanks was paid to the management of The Sportsman for their generous contribution to the league.

The new rules are inserted in with the existing rules and can be found in the League Rules page.

The 2017 season will commence on 11th January 2017. With a prize fund of £3,395.


Powerleague 2018

2017 was another roaring successful season with only 3 players dropping out. Their places were filled almost immediately as not to interfere with the running of the league too much.

A few rules were amended to combat loopholes that were being exploited. These can be located in the rules page from December 1st

Owing to the popularity of the league the 2018 season has been extended to 24 players. Unfortunately we lost 4 players and good friends from the league this season for personal reasons and the 8 new players are looking very capable of pushing for honours. So we are expecting a close run competition for the honours.

The LESDL would like to extend our thanks to Mandy, Lee and the staff of The Sportsman for all their generosity and sponsorship for yet another season. Without it we would not be so popular. Thanks again.

A big round of thanks go to Mark Limb for setting up a great finals night with a pro stage setup with computer scoring and board camera for audience viewing. 

Dean Andrews who took the roll of MC and score caller. (look over your shoulder Russ Bray)

Richie Tyler for providing the nights entertainment and sound system.

The AGM took place on 22nd November and the new committee will consists of a new look but smaller team of :-


Keith Carlin.  (from Feb 2018).


Elaine Marks.

Fixture/League Secretary.

Steve Hough.

Floor Manager.

Committee Members.

Malc Marks.

Neil Cummins-Smith.

Lee Draper.

The 2018 season will commence on 3rd January with the prize fund standing at £5,795.

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