Long Eaton Singles Darts League

                          Information and League Rules 

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Please turn off all mobile phones 

Format For League matches.

Each match shall consist of 8 legs of 501, straight start and double finish.

Home player throws first in legs 1, 3, 5 and 7 in league matches.

All 8 legs to be played.

1 point awarded for each leg won in league matches.

Format for Cup Matches.

Each match shall consist of legs of 501, straight start and double finish.

Bull up in cup matches.

Home drawn player to throw for the bull first.

Prelims best of 9 legs.

1st Round on. Best of 9 legs.

Semi-Finals Best of 11 legs.

Final Best of 11 legs.

Format for Pairs Matches.

All games best of 5 legs.

Home drawn pair to throw for the bull first.

Format for Mini Comp Knock-out matches.

Each match shall consist of  5 legs of 501, double start and double finish.

Subject to alteration.

All matches are best of 5 legs.

Bull up for off.

Home drawn player throws for the bull first.

 RULES of the LESDL Powerleague.

 1. Players must pay £5 to enter the league. New players must pay £10,   inc a bond of £5 of which will be returned on completion of all fixtures.

 2. Players must pay £4 per match. (includes free powerball prize draw). 38 draws in total.

 3. Monies collected during the season will be paid out in prize money at the presentation night.

 4. The match boards shall be 5' 8" from the bull to the floor and a throwing distance of 7' 9.25"

 5. Bust rule applies.

 6. Players to be there by 7.30pm to pay subs etc.  Games to start at 8pm SHARP

 7. All fixtures for the evening will be displayed on the notice board where possible.

 8. Order of play will be drawn up at 7.45pm

 8. Players to mark 4 legs each of the following match.

 9. Please stay at the board to mark your game (time your smoke break accordingly).

 10. No drinking whilst marking.

 11. Players who miss a match shall forfeit the game 8 legs to nil unless the Fixture Secretary is notified by 5pm on Tuesdays. So that the fixtures secretary can notify your opponent in adequate time. (THERE WILL BE NO APPEAL ON THIS except in extreme emergency).

 12 Players knowing to be late for their game must notify the Fixture Secretary by 6pm on match day. So that the fixtures secretary can amend the order of play accordingly.

 13. Players turning up late for their match without notifying the fixture secretary shall forfeit 1 leg for each 5 minutes of lateness.

 14. Games maybe rearranged by consent of the players involved, provided they have an impartial referee/marker. Please inform a committee                                                              member as to mutually rearrange the fixture.

 15. Catchup matches will be fitted in where appropriately. Only 2 matches are allowed to be played of any type. (2 league, or 1 league+1 cup).

       No shows will forfeit their match unless pre arranged with the fixtures secretary.

 16. Both catchup match players must agree on a rearranged date and inform the fixtures secretary.

 17. Catchup matches will be added to fixture list to be played if deemed appropriate by the Fixtures Secretary.

 18. Prelim and 1st round cup rearranged matches may be played  prior to the 2nd round.

 19. Quarters / Semi Finals and Finals of all Cup matches must be played before or on the designated date only.

 20. All monies to be played for will be shown at the start of the season, but is subject to change if people drop out of the league or sponsorship alters.                               

 21. Any player dropping out of the league during the season or not fulfilling their fixtures and fees will forfeit any monies paid in, and any winnings.

 22. In the event of a tie in the league position at the end of the season. After the points, it will go on leg difference, most games won then most draws.

       If the said players cannot be separated then a head to head count back. If still a draw then the prize will be shared.

 23.  Scores of 180, Least darts, Highest finishes and averages will be recorded and counted in ALL matches played inc Cups and comps.


 24. All prize monies must be collected by the winning player. (No 3rd party to collect on behalf of another player).

 25. Any protest to decision may be made to the committee with a £5 fee. If the protest is upheld then the fee shall be returned.

 26. In the interest and efficient running of the league will all players kindly keep the fixtures secretary informed of any forthcoming holidays,                                    absences, shift patterns, etc.

 27. The committees decision is final on all matters.


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