Long Eaton Singles Darts League

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                   Players for The PowerleagueLeague 2017

   Division 1                                    Click on players name/gallery to view their profile.

         Player                                             Gallery                                 Sponsor

Malc Marks                                                               The Creepers Crypt 

Dean Andrews

Tony Glover

George Singh                                    George's Gallery 

Steve Butler

Richard Love

Mike Booth

Steve Hough

Keith Carlin

Mike Burton

Rhys Watkinson

Brian Spence

Lee Draper

Jake Butler

Richie Tyler

Scott Brown

Mark Limb

Mark Tedds

Steve Treece

James Booth

   Committee Members

         Malc Marks          Webmaster & Statistician

         Dean Andrews      Chairman 

         Elaine Marks        Treasurer (non playing)

         Brian Spence        

          Steve Hough           League and Fixture Secretary

          Steve Butler            League Liaison Secretary

          Keith Carlin            Floor Manager

          Mark Limb               League Bookmaker, Competition and Fund Raising Secretary

          Rhys Watkinson     Competition and Fund Raising Secretary

        Richie Tyler           Entertainment Manager, Competition and Fund Raising Secretary


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