Long Eaton Singles Darts League

 Summer 2015

                                               Division 1  

    Name                                             Max's      H/F          P            W             L              D             F           A           +/-           Pts

Malc Marks71672215251146252 114
George Singh81412213361106644 110
Steve Butler151542211561067036 106
Brian Spence21412212371057134 105
Tony Glover51172210841057134 105
Mike Booth71262212551047232 104
Dean Andrews4122221084938310 93
Kez Barfield14101228868591-6 85
Jay Witham41292251077799-22 77
Richard Love211022411774102-28 74
Malc Tucker015522417173103-30 73

Division 1 High Finishes 

167   Malc Marks

155   Malc Tucker

154   Steve Butler

141   George Singh  x 2

141   Brian Spence

140   Malc Marks

129   Jay Witham

126   Mike Booth

124   Malc Marks

122   Dean Andrews

121   George Singh

121   Dean Andrews

117   Tony Glover

116   Tony Glover

116   George Singh

115   Malc Tucker

115   Brian Spence

115   Steve Butler

115   Tony Glover

114   Dean Andrews

114   George Singh

114   Steve Butler

113   Tony Glover

113   Jay Witham

112   Malc Tucker   x   2

112   Steve Butler

112   Malc Marks   x   2

110   Mike Booth

110   Richard Love

108   Dean Andrews

106   Mike Booth

106   George Singh   x   2

106   Tony Glover

106   Malc Marks

106   Malc Tucker

105   Malc Tucker

105   Malc Marks

104   Steve Butler

101   Tony Glover

101   Malc Marks

101   Kez Barfield

101   George Singh

100   Malc Tucker

Summer 2015

Division 2 

         Name                                        Max's    H/F            P             W            L              D             F            A          +/-           Pts

Dale Gadsby1913722210116115146 161
Stuart Barrowcliffe1016022191215026124 150
Jason Morley602217411195762 119
Steve Hough01502214621086840 108
Keith Carlin01122213901037330 103
Dave Heron1022101118492-8 84
Stuart Beard202291308492-8 84
Terry Lord1022812275101-26 75
Darren Andrews0022616069107-38 69
Andy Thirkettle011822714161115-54 61
Joe Lord012922319041135-94 41

Division 2 High Finishes 

160   Stuart Barrowcliffe

158   Steve Hough

150   Steve Hough

146   Stuart Barrowcliffe

137   Dale Gadsby

135   Dale Gadsby

134   Stuart Barrowcliffe

130   Steve Hough

129   Joe Lord

121   Dale Gadsby x 2

120   Stuart Barrowcliffe  x 4

118   Andy Thirkettle

116   Stuart Barrowcliffe

113   Stuart Barrowcliffe

112   Stuart Barrowcliffe

112   Dale Gadsby

112   Steve Hough

112   Keith Carlin

107   Stuart Barrowcliffe

106   Stuart Barrowcliffe

105   Dale Gadsby

105   Steve Hough

104   Dale Gadsby

103   Stuart Barrowcliffe

103   Dale Gadsby

102   Stuart Barrowcliffe

101   Dale Gadsby

100   Dale Gadsby   x 2

100   Keith Carlin

100   Stuart Barrowcliffe   x 2

Least Darts   18 and under

12   Dale Gadsby

12   Stuart Barrowcliffe

13   Dale Gadsby   x   2

14   Dale Gadsby   x   2

14   Stuart Barrowcliffe

15   Dale Gadsby   x   3

15   Stuart Barrowcliffe   x   10

15   Steve Hough

16   Dale Gadsby   x   10

16   Andy Thirkettle

16   Stuart Barrowcliffe   x   6

16   Stuart Beard

17   Dale Gadsby   x   20

17   Stuart Barrowcliffe   x   8

17   Steve Hough

17   Stuart Beard

17   Terry Lord

18  Dale Gadsby   x   23

18  Stuart Barrowcliffe   x   20

18  Steve Hough   x   4

18   Keith Carlin

Division 1 Least Darts  16 and under

12   Malc Marks

13   Malc Marks   x   3

13   Mike Booth

14   George Singh

14   Steve Butler   x   3

14   Brian Spence

15   Malc Tucker   x   3

15   Malc Marks   x   2

15   Dean Andrews   x   3

15   George Singh   x   4

15   Steve Butler   x   3

15   Richard Love

15   Tony Glover

15   Jay Witham

16   Tony Glover

16   Jay Witham

16   Jay Witham   x   2

16   Brian Spence   x   2

16   Steve Butler   x   2

16   George Singh   x   3


Results and Fixtures

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Important Dates



 League Cup & Div Cup Prelims

  League Cup

Tony Glover   v   Malc Tucker                            5 - 3

Mike Booth   v   Dean Andrews                         5 - 1

George Singh   v   Darren Andrews                  5 - 0

Dale Gadsby   v   Stuart Beard                          5 - 0

Keith Carlin   v   Malc Marks                             3 - 5

Steve Butler   v   Brian Spence                          5 - 2

                      Best of 9

 Divisional Cup Div 1

Dean Andrews   v   Tony Glover                        0 - 4

Kez Barfield   v   Brian Spence                           3 - 4

Jay Witham   v   Richard Love                           3 - 4

 Divisional Cup Div 2

Stuart Beard   v   Keith Carlin                            1 - 4

Darren Andrews   v   Dale Gadsby                    0 - 4

Stuart Barrowcliffe   v   Joe Lord                      4 - 0

                      Best of 7


Catchup matches will be re-scheduled

into the weekly fixtures after the league matches



            League Cup 1st Round

Steve Butler   v   Richard Love                           5 - 0

Steve Hough   v   Tony Glover                           0 - 5

George Singh   v   Malc Marks                           5 - 3

Andy Thirkettle   v   Jay Witham                       2 - 5

Kez Barfield   v   Dale Gadsby                            1 - 5

Stuart Barrowcliffe   v   Terry Lord                   5 - 0

Joe Lord   v   Dave Heron                                   0 - 5

Jason Morley   v   Mike Booth                           1 - 5

Best of 9



       League Cup Qtr Finals

                       Best of 9

Dave Heron   v   Stuart Barrowcliffe          1 - 5

Dale Gadsby   v   Steve Butler                      5 - 1

Mike Booth   v   Jay Witham                        5 - 2

Tony Glover   v   George Singh                    2 - 5

    DivisionalCup Qtr Finals

                       Best of 7


Malc Tucker   v   Malc Marks                       0 - 4

Richard Love   v   Brian Spence                   1 - 4

George Singh   v   Steve Butler                     4 - 2

Mike Booth   v   Tony Glover                        4 - 1


Dave Heron   v   Keith Carlin                        4 - 3

Terry Lord   v   Andy Thirkettle                   4 - 3

Steve Hough   v   Stuart Barrowcliffe          0 - 4

Dale Gadsby   v   Jason Morley                    4 - 2


Catchup matches will be scheduled

into the weekly fixtures after the league matches



              Singles Knockout

                      Best of 7


Start and Finish on any double

                  Final Best of 9


Malc 'The Creeper' Marks

                    PLEASE NOTE

Catchup matches will be scheduled

into the weekly fixtures after the league matches



Catchup matches will be scheduled

into the weekly fixtures after the league matches


       League Cup Semi Finals

                      Best of 9

Mike Booth   v   Dale Gadsby                          5 - 0

George Singh   v   Stuart Barrowcliffe           4 - 5

   Divisional Cup Semi Finals

                       Best of 7

Div 1

George Singh   v   Malc Marks                        4 - 1

Brian Spence   v   Mike Booth                        0 - 4

Div 2

Terry Lord   v   Dave Heron                            0 - 4

Stuart Barrowcliffe   v   Dale Gadsby            4 - 0



Catchup matches will be scheduled

into the weekly fixtures after the league matches

---------------------------------------------------------------   Don't loose your payout by unfulfilling your fixtures.




League Cup Final

Best of 11

Mike Booth   v   Stuart Barrowcliffe     5 - 6


Divisional Cup Final

Best of 7

Div 1    George Singh   v   Mike Booth                 4 - 0

Div 2    Stuart Barrowcliffe   v   Dave Heron    4 - 1

Presentation Night



Final chance to register for the Winter League.


 Summer 2015 

Week 1 Division 1
24th June 2015
George Singh 8vBye
Dean Andrews 6vJay Witham
Kez Barfield 4vMike Booth
Brian Spence 6v 2Steve Butler
Tony Glover 4v 4Richard Love
Malc Marks 6v 2Malc Tucker
Malc Tucker 4v 4Tony Glover
Richard Love 2v 6 Brian Spence
Division 2
Dale Gadsby 8v 0Bye
Stuart Barrowcliffe 8v 0Darren Andrews
Jason Morley 5v 3Keith Carlin
Andy Thirkettle 2v 6Steve Hough
Stuart Beard 6v 2Dave Heron
Joe Lord 1v 7Terry Lord
Terry Lord 1v 7Stuart Beard
Dave Heron 2v 6Andy Thirkettle
Week 2 Division 1
1st July 2015
Steve Butler 5v 3Kez Barfield
Mike Booth 1v 7Dean Andrews
Jay Witham 2v 6George Singh
Bye 0v 8Malc Marks
George Singh 3v 5Mike Booth
Dean Andrews 3v 5Steve Butler
Kez Barfield 3v 3Richard Love
Brian Spence 5v 3Malc Tucker
Division 2
Steve Hough 4vJason Morley
Keith Carlin 1v 7Stuart Barrowcliffe
Darren Andrews 0v 8Dale Gadsby
Bye 0v 8Joe Lord
Dale Gadsby 7v 1Keith Carlin
Stuart Barrowcliffe 8v 0Steve Hough
Jason Morley 8v 0Dave Heron
Andy Thirkettle 8v 0Terry Lord
League Cup & Div Cup Prelims
8th July 2015
Week 3 Division 1
15th July 2015
Tony Glover 3v 5Malc Marks
Jay Witham 8vBye
Malc Marks 4v 4Brian Spence
Malc Tucker 3v 5Kez Barfield
Richard Love 4v 4Dean Andrews
Steve Butler 3v 5George Singh
Mike Booth 5v 3Jay Witham
Bye 0v 8Tony Glover
Division 2
Stuart Beardv3Joe Lord
Darren Andrews 8v 0Bye
Joe Lord 1v 7Andy Thirkettle
Terry Lord 1v 7Jason Morley
Dave Heron 1v 7Stuart Barrowcliffe
Steve Hough 0vDale Gadsby
Keith Carlin 7v 1Darren Andrews
Bye 0v 8Stuart Beard
Week 4 Division 1
22nd July 2015
George Singhv0Richard Love
Dean Andrews5v3Malc Tucker
Kez BarfieldvMalc Marks
Brian Spence5v3Tony Glover
Mike Boothv0Bye
Jay WithamvSteve Butler
Tony Glover7v1Kez Barfield
Malc Marks4vDean Andrews
Division 2
Dale Gadsby 7vDave Heron
Stuart Barrowcliffe 8vTerry Lord
Jason Morley8v 0Joe Lord
Andy Thirkettle 6v 2Stuart Beard
Keith Carlin 8vBye
Darren Andrews 1v 7Steve Hough
Stuart Beard 3vJason Morley
Joe Lord 0v 8Stuart Barrowcliffe
Week 5 Division 1
July 29th 2015
Malc Tucker 3vGeorge Singh
Richard Love 4v4Jay Witham
Steve Butler 4vMike Booth
Bye 0vBrian Spence
George SinghvMalc Marks
Dean Andrews 5vTony Glover
Kez Barfield 4v 4Brian Spence
Steve Butler 8vBye
Division 2
Terry Lord 0vDale Gadsby
Dave Heron 7v1Darren Andrews
Steve Hough 6vKeith Carlin
Bye 0vAndy Thirkettle
Dale Gadsby 8vJoe Lord
Stuart Barrowcliffe 7vStuart Beard
Jason Morley 5vAndy Thirkettle
Steve Hough 8vBye
League Cup 1st Round
5th August 2015
Week 6 Division 1
12th August 2015
Mike Booth 5v 3Richard Love
Jay Witham 5v 3Malc Tucker
Brian Spence 1vDean Andrews
Tony Glover 6v 2George Singh
Malc Marks 6v 2Jay Witham
Malc Tucker 3vMike Booth
Richard Love 4vSteve Butler
Bye 0v 8Kez Barfield
Division 2
Keith Carlin 5vDave Heron
Darren Andrews 3vTerry Lord
Andy Thirkettle 4vStuart Barrowcliffe
Stuart Beardv 8Dale Gadsby
Joe Lord 2v 6Darren Andrews
Terry Lord 3v 5Keith Carlin
Dave Heron 2v 6Steve Hough
Bye 0v 8Jason Morley
Week 7 Division 1
19th August 2015
George Singh 4vBrian Spence
Dean Andrews 3v 5Kez Barfield
Richard Love 8vBye
Steve Butler 6vMalc Tucker
Mike Booth 3vMalc Marks
Jay Witham 0v8Tony Glover
Kez Barfield 3v5George Singh
Brian Spence 1vJay Witham
Division 2
Dale Gadsby 6vAndy Thirkettle
Stuart Barrowcliffe 7vJason Morley
Dave Heron 8v0Bye
Steve Hough 2vTerry Lord
Keith Carlin 8vJoe Lord
Darren Andrews 3vStuart Beard
Jason Morley 2vDale Gadsby
Andy Thirkettle 7vDarren Andrews
Week 8 Division 1
26th August 2015
Tony Gloverv 3Mike Booth
Malc MarksvSteve Butler
Malc TuckervRichard Love
Bye 0vDean Andrews
George Singh 3v 5Dean Andrews
Malc Tucker 8vBye
Richard Love 1v 7Malc Marks
Steve Butler 4vTony Glover
Division 2
Stuart Beard 0vKeith Carlin
Joe Lord 0vSteve Hough
Terry Lord 4v 4Dave Heron
Bye 0vStuart Barrowcliffe
Dale Gadsby 4vStuart Barrowcliffe
Terry Lord 8vBye
Dave Heron 5vJoe Lord
Steve Hough 6vStuart Beard
League & Div Cups Qtr Finals
2nd September 2015
Week 9 Division 1
9th September 2015
Mike Booth 4vBrian Spence
Jay Witham 4vKez Barfield
Bye 0v8George Singh
Jay Witham 4vDean Andrews
Mike Booth 6vKez Barfield
Steve ButlervBrian Spence
Richard Love 2vTony Glover
Malc Tucker 4vMalc Marks
Division 2
Keith Carlin 8vAndy Thirkettle
Darren Andrews 1vJason Morley
Bye 0 vDale Gadsby
Darren Andrews 1 vStuart Barrowcliffe
Keith Carlin 2vJason Morley
Steve Hough8vAndy Thirkettle
Dave Heron 5vStuart Beard
Terry Lord6vJoe Lord
Week 10 Division 1
16th September 2015
Tony Glover 6v 2Malc Tucker
Brian Spence 8v 0Richard Love
Kez Barfield 7v 1Steve Butler
Dean Andrews 2v 6Mike Booth
George Singh 6v 2Jay Witham
Malc Marks 8v 0Bye
Mike Booth 2v 6George Singh
Steve Butler 4v 4Dean Andrews
Division 2
Stuart Beard 2vTerry Lord
Andy Thirkettle 0vDave Heron
Jason Morley 5v3Steve Hough
Stuart BarrowcliffevKeith Carlin
Dale Gadsby8v0Darren Andrews
Joe LordvBye
Keith Carlin0vDale Gadsby
Steve Hough0vStuart Barrowcliffe
Week 11 Division 1
23rd September 2015
Richard Love 4vKez Barfield
Malc Tucker 5vBrian Spence
Malc Marks 5vTony Glover
Bye 0v8Jay Witham
Brian Spence 5v3Malc Marks
Kez Barfield 5vMalc Tucker
Dean Andrews 5vRichard Love
George Singh 4vSteve Butler
Division 2
Dave Heron 1vJason Morley
Terry Lord 0vAndy Thirkettle
Joe Lord 0vStuart Beard
Bye 0vDarren Andrews
Andy Thirkettle 0vJoe Lord
Jason Morley 5vTerry Lord
Stuart Barrowcliffev2Dave Heron
Dale Gadsby 8vSteve Hough
Comp Double Start Double Finish
30th September 2015
Week 12 Division 1
7th October 2015
Jay WithamvMike Booth
Tony GlovervBye
Richard LovevGeorge Singh
Malc Tucker3vDean Andrews
Malc Marks6vKez Barfield
Tony GlovervBrian Spence
ByevMike Booth
Steve ButlervJay Witham
Division 2
Darren Andrews3vKeith Carlin
Stuart BeardvBye
Dave HeronvDale Gadsby
Terry Lord 2vStuart Barrowcliffe
Joe Lord 2vJason Morley
Stuart BeardvAndy Thirkettle
ByevKeith Carlin
Steve HoughvDarren Andrews
Week 13 Division 1
14th October 2015
Kez Barfield 4vTony Glover
Dean Andrews 3vMalc Marks
George SinghvMalc Tucker
Jay WithamvRichard Love
Mike Booth7vSteve Butler
Brian SpencevBye
Malc MarksvGeorge Singh
Tony GlovervDean Andrews
Division 2
Jason Morley 6vStuart Beard
Stuart BarrowcliffevJoe Lord
Dale GadsbyvTerry Lord
Darren Andrews 3vDave Heron
Keith Carlin 2vSteve Hough
Andy ThirkettlevBye
Joe LordvDale Gadsby
Stuart BeardvStuart Barrowcliffe
Week 14 Division 1
21st October 2015
Brian SpencevKez Barfield
Bye 0v8Steve Butler
Richard Love 3vMike Booth
Malc Tucker 3 vJay Witham
Dean AndrewsvBrian Spence
George Singh 6vTony Glover
Jay WithamvMalc Marks
Mike BoothvMalc Tucker
Division 2
Andy ThirkettlevJason Morley
Bye0vSteve Hough
Dave HeronvKeith Carlin
Terry LordvDarren Andrews
Stuart BarrowcliffevAndy Thirkettle
Dale GadsbyvStuart Beard
Darren AndrewsvJoe Lord
Keith CarlinvTerry Lord
League & Div Cup Semi Finals
28th October 2015
Week 15 Division 1
4th November 2015
Steve Butlerv0Richard Love
Kez BarfieldvBye
Brian SpencevGeorge Singh
Kez BarfieldvDean Andrews
Byev8Richard Love
Malc TuckervSteve Butler
Malc MarksvMike Booth
Tony GlovervJay Witham
Division 2
Steve HoughvDave Heron
Jason MorleyvBye
Andy ThirkettlevDale Gadsby
Jason MorleyvStuart Barrowcliffe
ByevDave Heron
Terry Lord4vSteve Hough
Joe Lord 3vKeith Carlin
Stuart BeardvDarren Andrews
Week 16 Division 1
11th November 2015
George SinghvKez Barfield
Jay WithamvBrian Spence
Mike Booth 7vTony Glover
Steve ButlervMalc Marks
Richard LovevMalc Tucker
Dean Andrews 8vBye
Division 2
Dale GadsbyvJason Morley
Darren Andrews 8vAndy Thirkettle
Keith Carlin 5vStuart Beard
Steve Hough 8vJoe Lord
Dave HeronvTerry Lord
Stuart Barrowcliffe 8vBye
Week 17 Division 1
18th November 2015
Dean AndrewsvGeorge Singh
Bye 0vMalc Tucker
Malc MarksvRichard Love
Tony GlovervSteve Butler
Brian SpencevMike Booth
Kez BarfieldvJay Witham
Division 2
Stuart BarrowcliffevDale Gadsby
Bye 0vTerry Lord
Joe LordvDave Heron
Stuart BeardvSteve Hough
Andy Thirkettle 0vKeith Carlin
Jason MorleyvDarren Andrews
25th November 2015
Finals and Presentation Night & AGM


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